Lontong Cap Gomeh @ Kafe Betawi

Kafe Betawi is a well known chain restaurant in Jakarta that located mostly at shopping malls.  The restaurant offer allot of wonderful traditional or local cuisines, including drinks and desserts.

Betawi means a group of people who lived in and around old Jakarta which was called Batavia back in the 17th century.  Since Batavia is a port city, it became a cultural melting pot for local ethnics such as Malay, Javanese, Sundanese, Bugis, etc with foreign ethnics like Chinese, Arab, Indian, Dutch and Portuguese.

“Lontong Cap Gomeh” is an Indo-Chinese cuisine that has become an Indonesian traditional dish.  It’s a light chicken curry with lontong (compressed rice cake), eggs, crackers, long beans and many more secret ingredients.  Actually this is a combination of traditional dishes called Opor Ayam and Sayur Lodeh which both dishes have the same style of cooking which is soaked in light curry soup.  This dish was created for a Chinese festival called Cap Go Meh and I guess all the good stuff was mixed together for such celebration.

The taste of this dish was excellent, I can taste all the main ingredients and the light curry soup add the creamy taste of the proteins.  A bit of warning for those who can’t handle hot spices: prepare a grass or two of icy drinks but it’s not that bad.  Well if you ask the waiter they will tell you that the curry is not hot or just a little hot but I guess everybody has a different level of hot/spicy resistance.  In fact I ordered this dish twice because I couldn’t get enough of it on the first serving.  I would come again and try other dishes in this restaurant.

“Lontong Cap Gomeh”



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